The Azienda Agricola Frettoli was born at the end of the nineteenth century in the charming Park of River Adda at Villa Paradiso, producing only cereals.
Over the years, the company decides to add a nursing activity and, with further investments in equipment and new technologies, it soon comes to achieve a full respect in the production of ornamental outdoor plants.


Today the company is continuing the innovation path started years ago, utilizing the long agricultural experience to start collaborating with the State University of Milan for the use of ancient corn. An example is the participation at Milan Expo 2015, which gained great media success thanks to the cultivation of the ancient Blue Corn from the Inca civilization. This success leads the company to begin the production and sale of high quality bakery products.
Cereals of own production, high-quality ingredients, investments in modern equipment and craftsmanship are today the pillars on which the Frettoli Company is building the new business.


In a future scenario that will see a return to a nutrition that is attentive to the quality and origin of ingredients and healthy properties, the Azienda Agricola Frettoli wants to be positioned as a leader in the market of high quality artisan bakery products.

  • Focus on quality and nutritional properties
  • Continuous experimentation and innovation
  • New products to suit all tastes
  • Investments on our workshop
  • Creation of a recognizable brand
  • Sales to large organized distribution