Our blue corn, developed by the State University of Milan, contains large quantities of anthocyanins (especially cyanidine), antioxidants also found in berries and red wine. According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, the consumption of anthocyanin-rich foods has important benefits to human health, reducing the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases. The Azienda Agricola Frettoli can use this ancient corn in the preparation of its own bakery products thanks to an agreement with the University. We offer products that combine taste and well-being.

“We crossed a variety of Central American corn, the Morado, with typical plants of the Po Valley. In this way we have managed to create a variety that is able to grow in Lombardia while maintaining high concentrations of anthocyanin”

Professor Pilu, Department of Agricultural Sciences at the State University of Milan


The valorization of ancient corn varieties is gaining importance thanks to the discovery of important phytonutrients present in many of these ancient corn populations. That is why the idea of ​​enhancing the ancient varieties of Italian corn giving them more remarkable nutritional abilities was born. Our “Scagliolo Rosso” blue corn was obtained after several years of crossings by Dr. Roberto Pilu and his collaborators at the Department of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Milan.

The Azienda Agricola Frettoli partecipated to Expo Milan 2015 at the “No farmers, no party” pavilion of Coldiretti.